Cavalier “Ink (Reprise)” prod. Iman Omari

24 July 2014


Shout out to anyone who knows the original version of “Ink”. When Cav first started performing that track we used to all rush the stage just to get a little closer to the light. #CHIEF coming soon. Stay tuned.

“Sentimental you get when the instrumental is wet
from runny pens and blood shed in these ghettos
is it sacrilege to bring a gun to your temple
If I believe, in an impulse then I can achieve
Like how your pulse is set from the second you breathe
If it’s six seconds til I’m on, then please
why it feel so long?”

Nice Little Video of Cavalier in the Studio

24 July 2014

I like this video. #CHIEF coming soooooon.

Out of Office Autoreply

1 July 2014


Guys. We are (Baje is) on vacation. So that being said, the Shark store is open for bizness, but orders will not ship until July 23rd. Sorry about that, but everyone needs to fly away sometimes. I know you understand. And I know it’s been slow in terms of new rap music from us, but I promise you new projects in the fall. Promise.

RIP East Village Radio / Long Live Chances with Wolves!

19 June 2014


Shark homies Chances with Wolves (Kray and Kool Kear) did 293 weekly episodes of their beautiful, eclectic show on East Village Radio. EVR recently shut down, which sucks. But the good news is, almost all of those 293 episodes, plus this special 294th eppy, are now available for download from the Chances site. That’s 294 X 2 hours. Which I think is 588 hours of music, most of which you’ve probably never heard before unless you’re captain record digger over here. So yeah, pretty cool. I hope everyone’s summer is going well. And if you’re down on the Southern Hemisphere I hope your winter is going well. More new Shark stuff is coming soon. New Tone Tank. New Junk Science. And more, but I can’t say too much about that now. Peace.

Listen: Batsauce “The Rudy Stevenson Remixes”

4 June 2014

Batsauce Rudy

Some laid back goodness from one of the masters of laid back goodness. From Dr. Sauce himself: This is a remix project of the compositions of jazz composer and musician, Rudy Stevenson. Rudy played and composed for the likes of Nina Simone, Wynton Kelly, Grant Green, Fifth Dimension, Cedar Walton, Duke Pearson, Lee Morgan, Herbie Mann, Julie Driscoll, Junior Mance, Vivian Reed, Montego Joe and others.

I had the honor of meeting Rudy numerous times in Berlin. First in 2007, after befriending and making music with his son, Wynton Kelly Stevenson. Over the next few years, I made these remixes and went on to form a side group with Wynton, called Duct Tape. Rudy was tickled to hear these remixes before he passed in 2011. Please help me celebrate Rudy’s legacy by sharing this project on his birthday… and beyond.

Bishop “Floatzilla”

29 May 2014


Had this one in my head for a few days now. We all alive on Floatzilla. This is from longtime Shark homie and collaborator/contributor Bishop aka Darwing Frostwing aka Impossible Nothing aka The Man of Many Names. To me this sounds like a long-lost 12″ / rap you might hear on a Manhattan street corner in like ’96, which means it sorta sounds like someone came from the future to deliver us a semi-cryptic but positive message. Anyway, I like this song. Shout out to future-man Bishop. Give me a call homie.

M.C. K~Swift & Scott Thorough “Get It Together EP”

18 May 2014

Scott Swift GITEP 475 Free Main

Click the download button on the player, or click here for the freeness. And here’s a little background from your friend Scott Thorough: Four or five years ago, techno was coming back (yucca call it whatever you want; edm-step whatever. I’m calling it techno today). M.C. K~Swift and I were heavy into it. We were also friends with the ability to convey that into life-positive dance rap. I would probably like to forget the influence that the dub step wobble had on me, but YMOLO AMIRIGHT?

Anyways, we made these songs for fun, figuring out we’d put em out ourselves. A label signed us to put out this record. I’ve not heard from them in three years, so we’re gonna release this into the world for free. Even though the music is dated a bit, it’s still futuristic and spreads a message I’m all about: Inclusivity and peace.



Art by Jake Beeson who truly blessed us.

New Instrumental LP from Steel Tipped Dove!

27 April 2014

The album is called Already the Guts of Some Star that Died a Billion Years Ago. Rolls right off the tongue, eh? Maybe not, but put this in your ears and turn your ears up, eh? Shout out to the homie Joe Dove. The album is a ‘name your price’ type of situation, so you know, tip your bartender. And look out for a Steel Tipped Dove / Modern Shark collaboration in the near future, people.

Happy Belated Birthday to Us

16 March 2014


Snafu and I would like to wish ourselves a happy belated birthday. Our birthday was yesterday but we were too busy doing fun shit to post to the Shark site. We promise a new album in 2014. It’s already well on the way. Peace out. Photo by Sahara Borja.

Cavalier’s Live Set at the Boiler Room LA

7 March 2014

Been waiting for this for some time. Watch and listen as Cav previews CHIEF. Please know/trust that the album (and its presentation) will impress, inspire, and awaken even the most jaded among us.