Cavalier “Lemonade” (prod. Iman Omari)

4 November 2015

Cav Lemonade

Cavalier is back (not a moment too soon) with more smokey poetics for the needy. Produced by Iman Omari, featuring contributions from P.U.D.G.E., Norvis Jr., and Quelle Chris, “Lemonade” was conceived and recorded primarily during Cav and Iman’s stint in New Orleans. The EP came out in September on the Vibe Music Collective imprint. I need a late pass on this one, please forgive me. If you already heard this, bump it again. If you never heard it, bump it twice. And either way, as Cav likes to say, if you feel it please contribute to the cause. If we want to see true artists continue to pursue their visions (AND I KNOW YOU DO, OTHERWISE YOU WOULDN’T BE LOOKING AT THIS WEBSITE!), we need to show love, right? And sometimes showing love means throwing down 8 bucks. Enjoy!

New Bi-Polar Bear Videos!!

4 August 2015

Pause(Paws). A momentary stop. But also: hands of a cat, matter of fact.

It all happened. Enjoy these strange and meditative lil vids and get the album here!

Pre-Order the New Bi-Polar Bear Album!!!

4 July 2015


The new album “Bear” drops on July 28th! Pre-order now and get an instant download of “Paws” AND get your custom flash drive shipped out to you a week in advance of the release date. Also peep the lovely new tee! Get the USB, get the tee, get both here!


Like I said, get the album here. And oh yeah, the album is fucking incredible. You can quote me on that too. Soon you’ll be able to quote some more people on that too… but more on that story as it develops…

New Mix Thang from Cool Calm Pete

2 July 2015

CCP Waiting Roo

Check out Petey’s mix for CLAE Footwear. Summer vibez for dayz.

RIP to Robert “Pumpkinhead” Diaz

10 June 2015


From Scott Thorough: “Pumpkinhead, also known as PH and Robert Diaz passed away this morning. He was a ferocious emcee, a great battler and nice guy. People often say that rappers are jerks. Sometimes they are. Not PH. When I was coming up in the rap scene, PH always offered support, respect and guidance. He treated me as a peer, even though I hadn’t earned that yet, or ever. He always asked me for updates on my career when I saw him, and was the first legend to tell me my beats were dope. When we would do shows together, even though he could, he never asked to go last, and he rapped fucking dope. I also saw him put a sucker mc in his place for trying to battle him out of nowhere outside of the old Knitting Factory. A good man, a rap pioneer. Sleep well.”

MULIGNANS by Shaka King

27 March 2015

Produced and Directed by Shaka King
Written by Shaka King and Kristan Sprague
Starring Cavalier, Jerard Anderson, China Shavers and Shaka King
Director of Photography Daniel Patterson
Editor Kristan Sprague
Briefly features Scott Thorough getting chased down the block

Watch the Trailer for ‘Manos Sucias’

23 March 2015

Scott Thorough created the original score for the film, which was directed by Josef Kubota Wladyka, produced by Shark friend Elena Greenlee, edited by Shark friend Kristan Sprague, and executive produced by Shark hero Spike Lee.

M.A.E. “Honor Roll”

18 March 2015

MAE Honor Roll Cover 475

M.A.E. is Lars “Express the Motif” Viola on beats and raps and Jamie “Indigo Ali” Mahoney and raps and the singing. “Honor Roll” represents a beautiful maturation of the sound and the synthesis that these two have been quietly perfecting for years now. Have a listen here and download the whole thing (name your own price).

M.A.E. “Sacrifice”

13 March 2015

MAE Sacrifice

More new new from M.A.E.’s ‘Honor Roll’ LP which will be out next week right here on Modern Shark. Download here or on the player below, and then turn the volume up and enjoy. Photo by Sara Stranovsky.

Pre-Order The New Junk Science Album!

2 March 2015

Front Main In Bag 475

We’ve been wanting to show this to you for a while… Modern Shark presents: Junk Science and the Hundred Dollar Sandwich! Available as a special double-disc SANDWICH with art by Cool Calm Pete! What do we mean by sandwich? The ‘bread’ is the 2 (clear-substrate) CDs. Disc 1 has toothpicks on it!:

Sandwich on plate close up 475

The ‘ingredients’ are 10 die-cut pieces of paper between the ‘bread’ with the lyrics to the album and the liner notes printed on them. Looky.

Ingredients on plate spread out 475

Looky closer:

Ingredients closeup2 475

The whole thing comes packed in a classy, custom-printed freezer-safe ‘ziplock’ bag in case you are a weirdo who keeps CDs in the freezer. Keep your raps fresh:

Back Main In Bag 475

Pre-order on Bandcamp now and get an immediate download of our new track “The Science of Stupid”!! The album officially drops on March 15th, but if you pre-order you’ll get the digital version before all your friends get it. Of course, you could just get the mp3s, but if you can swing the 20 bucks, why not get the whole sandwich? Pre-order here, or click “buy” on the player below. FUCK YEAH!!!