Bi-Polar Bear Remixes Classic M.O.P.

29 February 2016

BPB comes through with some delicious ear candy for fans of the Mash Out Posse. Fun personal side note about the original version of this track: I first heard this song on an episode of Stretch and Bob, and I eagerly copped the vinyl when it finally came out. It was on a Relativity Records sampler called Urban Assault, and M.O.P.’s ‘World Famous’ was the lead track. The back of the record featured photos of a bunch of city scenes, and while scanning it, I saw my brother’s tag in one of the photos. That was a classic hip hop moment for me.

Years later I went to see my wife’s godmother perform at Joe’s Pub. (She’s an incredible jazz singer). My homie was bartending there at the time, and he leaned over the bar and whispered: “When the show’s over, just stay at the bar and act like you belong. There’s a secret M.O.P. show happening after, and they’re performing with a live rock band. It’s gonna be nuts.” And indeed it was a fucking amazing show, a secret, industry-only type of show, but totally bananas nonetheless.


22 February 2016

Track produced by J. Howells Werthman. Video by Kristan Sprague.

Ok. So you may be wondering: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE. Fair enough. COP/BOOST may just be the most esoteric song on TONE’s new album. On the song, TONE and Serengeti trade verses, basically rapping the entire plots of two completely separate but equally obscure James Woods movies: COP (1988), and BOOST (also released in 1988, which is fucking weird in itself). These guys spent a week together recording an entire album (much of which you can hear on TONE’s record, and much of which is still unreleased) and obsessing over these two movies. TONE had seen COP but not BOOST and Geti had seen BOOST but not COP. Good thing TONE had both movies on Laserdisc (from the huge collection of Laserdiscs TONE got from the homie Doc Strange.)

I first heard about this thing when J. Howells played me the track in the studio and explained the concept. I immediately was like “This is genius. And nobody is going to understand what’s happening here.” Years later and now we have this amazing video, thanks to Kristan who is THE HOMIE. And since most of us have never seen either of these movies, now we can all watch both, mashed up and thoroughly explained to us over the course of 4 great minutes. Enjoy!

All Your Favorites on One Sandwich

19 February 2016

Yo. Dillon & Paten Locke featuring Tone Tank and Homeboy Sandman. SHIT IS TIGHT! For more on the Full Plate Fam, and their new record “Food Chain” which features Dres of Black Sheep, J-Live, Count Bass D, Willie Evans Jr., the aforementioned homies, and many more, click aqui.

This whole track is staffed by Shark fam. I first met Dillon way back in 2005 when he let me and Snaf and Cool Calm Pete crash on his living room floor in ATL where we were all doing a show together. Since then there have been multiple couch crashings and comical collaborations. Dillon is the dude. He even made a special promo for us back in the Gran’dad’s Nerve Tonic era. Check it.

At the same time we met Dillon, in 2005, me and Snaf were on tour with Asamov, a group that Paten (at the time known as Therapy) was rocking with. Paten is also the dude, and I try to connect with him when he’s in town (often when he’s doing shows with Edan). To date, Paten and I only did one track together, but it’s one of my faves. Listen.

Also, all of these people on this track have CHOPS. For the kids who don’t know what CHOPS are, you can google that, and find a picture of all these people.

Martin Luther King Jr., Alive & Well in 2016

18 January 2016

“I speak out against this government because I love America. There can be no great disappointment where there is no great love.”

“And the press generally won’t tell us these things, but God told me to tell you this morning. The truth must be told.”

Posted this last year. Had to post it again, for its eloquence, truth, and prescience. This is a critical time in the history of the United States. From this day forward, everything we do matters. Peace to Chances With Wolves for the original mashup. Love to all of you in 2016. Because Love, and only Love, will help us find our way out of the darkness.

Tone Tank “One-Offs & One-Upmanships”

15 December 2015

Tone Tape Blog1

Prepare yourself for one of the most intense and unexpected audio experiences of your life: TONE TANK’s New Hip Hop Classic, ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS. Cop.

ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is not a Rap Album. It goes far beyond any Rap Album. Buy.

Tone Tape Blog2

ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is not a philosophical statement. It contains all philosophies. Purchase.

Tone Tape Blog3

It is a wake up call for the world. ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is carnal…. It is comforting… It is sensual. ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is miraculous…. And terrifying. It’s funny. … And it is ferocious. ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is more than an album. It is an experience for all of your life. SPEND.

Tone Tape Blog4

The album features guest raps from Serengeti, Kool A.D., Mercury the Maroon, StarPower, and Snafu. It features production by Scott Thorough, J. Howells Werthman, Snafu, Doc Strange, Steel Tipped Dove, Harry Fraud, Yuri Beats, Rod Dixon, Edan (who mixed the new Bazooka Rap medley), Dan Hayden, and TONE’s cousin the Spaceking! There’s only 100 of these available, so get yours NOW!

Tone Tank’s Tape Release! 12.17 in BK!

14 December 2015

Tender Trap Flyer

With live rapping by TONE with accompaniment by Scott Thorough. More live rapping from Quelle Chris, Grizzly Gato, and Junk Science as well as special sets from DJs Angelhandz and White Lotus! Tri-state area, COME THROUGH!

Cavalier “Lemonade” (prod. Iman Omari)

4 November 2015

Cav Lemonade

Cavalier is back (not a moment too soon) with more smokey poetics for the needy. Produced by Iman Omari, featuring contributions from P.U.D.G.E., Norvis Jr., and Quelle Chris, “Lemonade” was conceived and recorded primarily during Cav and Iman’s stint in New Orleans. The EP came out in September on the Vibe Music Collective imprint. I need a late pass on this one, please forgive me. If you already heard this, bump it again. If you never heard it, bump it twice. And either way, as Cav likes to say, if you feel it please contribute to the cause. If we want to see true artists continue to pursue their visions (AND I KNOW YOU DO, OTHERWISE YOU WOULDN’T BE LOOKING AT THIS WEBSITE!), we need to show love, right? And sometimes showing love means throwing down 8 bucks. Enjoy!

New Bi-Polar Bear Videos!!

4 August 2015

Pause(Paws). A momentary stop. But also: hands of a cat, matter of fact.

It all happened. Enjoy these strange and meditative lil vids and get the album here!

New Bi-Polar Bear Album!!!

4 July 2015

Get the custom flash drive AND the tee shirt here. And oh yeah, the album is fucking incredible. You can quote me on that too. Soon you’ll be able to quote some more people on that too… but more on that story as it develops…


New Mix Thang from Cool Calm Pete

2 July 2015

CCP Waiting Roo

Check out Petey’s mix for CLAE Footwear. Summer vibez for dayz.