All Your Favorites on One Sandwich

19 February 2016

Yo. Dillon & Paten Locke featuring Tone Tank and Homeboy Sandman. SHIT IS TIGHT! For more on the Full Plate Fam, and their new record “Food Chain” which features Dres of Black Sheep, J-Live, Count Bass D, Willie Evans Jr., the aforementioned homies, and many more, click aqui.

This whole track is staffed by Shark fam. I first met Dillon way back in 2005 when he let me and Snaf and Cool Calm Pete crash on his living room floor in ATL where we were all doing a show together. Since then there have been multiple couch crashings and comical collaborations. Dillon is the dude. He even made a special promo for us back in the Gran’dad’s Nerve Tonic era. Check it.

At the same time we met Dillon, in 2005, me and Snaf were on tour with Asamov, a group that Paten (at the time known as Therapy) was rocking with. Paten is also the dude, and I try to connect with him when he’s in town (often when he’s doing shows with Edan). To date, Paten and I only did one track together, but it’s one of my faves. Listen.

Also, all of these people on this track have CHOPS. For the kids who don’t know what CHOPS are, you can google that, and find a picture of all these people.

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