Baje One & Batsauce “Boxstitch b/w Half Truths”

13 December 2010

A little story: Me and Batsauce made “Boxstitch” a long time ago over the internet, before we actually met each other, which is funny. Now we’re homies. We were waiting for Willie Evans (true rap Scientist) to record his verse for a LOOOONNGG time. I was about to give up and then BOOM – raps in my inbox! We made “Half Truths” at Bat and Daisey’s apartment in Berlin while I was over there with the wife on our honeymoon. We all went on a double date to eat Thai food. Me and Bat have more songs that we haven’t finished yet, and more on the way once he sends me some new beats. Cover art by me (Baje). Click here to download.

4 Responses to “Baje One & Batsauce “Boxstitch b/w Half Truths””

  1. Timinator X says:

    love this shit. I need coffee.

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  3. Blaine says:

    this isht is FRESH!

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