Baje One & Batsauce “I.E.D.”

16 November 2011

Click here to download. “Why complain about rap? / That’s the tip of the iceberg / The part you don’t see – that’s what sinks ships / That and loose lips / So what do you do if / All you ever wanted was to see the ship sink? / You gonna let them lips loose? / Or let Mr. Big think / He can sit up on the Hill / If the Hill says no? / If the Hills have eyes then the Hills must know / Parasitic mother**** on the Hill must go / And it might look something like a volcano / This is an I.E.D. for the Why Me? generation / What you gonna do / You gonna cry me a better matrix? / Probably won’t happen / So the cause of your death will be probably no passion…”

This is a song we made a few years back… in 2008, right before the Obama win. After the election, I didn’t really wanna put it out cause it sounded kinda angry. But now I’m kinda angry again. Funny how that happens.

2 Responses to “Baje One & Batsauce “I.E.D.””

  1. D'A beats Murda Murdera says:

    These raps are whoa. Ill song.

  2. Doc Webb says:

    Junk Science, some of the best and smartest flow going.

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