Baje One “The Only One (House Wigger 2.0)”

19 September 2011

This needed to happen. A sequel of sorts, to the original “House Wigger” from the “first” Junk Science album, Feeding Einstein. Click here to download it.

Made this a while back, in like 2009. Snafu made the beat, which is superdope in my opinion. We considered using the song on a Junk Science project (“A Miraculous Kind Of Machine”) but Snaf wasn’t feeling the song as much as I was so we decided to scrap it. Democracy. Since then it’s been sitting around in my itunes. I’ve been kinda nervous about releasing it… on some “Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood” shit. Today I woke up and was just like “Fuck it.” I think it’s funny. Feel free to tell me what you think. = baje

Most rappers don’t really like rappers
In fact you might say it’s kinda vital to the fabric
The history of hip hop, track by track
The greats rail against imaginary rappers and their wackness
Most white rappers don’t really like rappers
Especially other white rappers
You gotta wonder why it matters so much
Why you got to hate?
What? You were born to rhyme and this is not my fate?
Come on man, this is 2000 and future
And everybody rhymes, it’s just something to get used to
So riddle me this, when I see you around
And then I give you a pound, you gotta give me a frown?
And it’d be one thing if you don’t like my writing
But I’m convinced it’s a white on white thing
It’s a big table I’m just walkin to my seat
But you, you wanna be the H.W.I.C.
The Head Wegro that’s In with the Colored folks
Oh god, here comes Baje with another joke
But I aint laughing, I’m just askin
What about my existence is so taxing?
Does it take away from your creepy little fantasy?
Hip hop Tarzan, swingin through the canopy
In your world we can’t both have fly grammar
Cause there can only be one like Highlander

And I wanna be your only one
I wanna be your only one
Hip hop, I wanna be your only one
I had a dream I was the only one
I wanna be your only one
I wanna be your only one
Hip hop I wanna be your only one
Show me the force like Obiwan Kinobe

Ok, in response to some of your letters… to Jackie in Queens, yes we do tend to prefer expensive coffee. And to Caesar in New Haven, yes a lot of us do like to wear our shoes inside the house. And yes it’s true, we really do like Mos Def.

Ahem… it’s not just rap
It’s one good lens but it’s not just that
Check it, me and my lady travelin abroad
And we try to be polite the get wrapped up in a conversation
With a bunch of white kids at a hostel
Traveler types, yeah, right, you know what it’s like
White kids with dreads and no shoes
Tryin to tell you about this place they went that’s so cool
“You wouldn’t believe it, the whole entire place
Was a sea of brown people, and me the only white face
Some had never even seen a white person
It’s crazy, right? I felt like a virgin
On virgin territory, off the beaten path
I’d be surprised if it was even on the map”
(cough) Pause – inhale weed smoke
An opportunity, another kid he spoke
Might as well have been the same couple sentences
Different locale with the exact same sentiment
I had to cut him off said I’m off to bed
Plus my girl’s about to stab him in the neck and so we stepped
Peep… it seems harmless, but has a really ill side
If seeing all the brown folks is just another thrill ride
All that melanin to boost your adrenaline
It’s like snowboarding except you’re more snowed in
Look, you gotta travel, just it’s kinda frail
To sit around competing for the most exotic tale
It just so happens these kids are kinda pale
Stuck with the bug to float you gotta sail
With a one-way ticket running away from your whiteness
And here you are in the jungle starin at your likeness
Last thing you wanna do is see another Tarzan
Who forces you to contemplate what you really are man…

Cause you wanna be that only one
You wanna be that only one
You wanna be that only one
You had a dream you were the only one
And I wanna be that only one
I wanna to be your only one
Hip hop I wanna be your only one
Show me the force like Obiwan Kinobe
Or better yet… Mace Windu

Ok. A few more letters. To Araceli in the Bronx, I don’t know, I don’t know why we like weird beers. Thanks for asking I guess. And to Chris in L.A. yes we often do have weird beards. Good observation. Weird beers and weird beards… dot com.



6 Responses to “Baje One “The Only One (House Wigger 2.0)””

  1. Ishmael Streever says:

    This song fucking kills it im forever in your debt for releasing it!
    I can relate to this song as a 15 year old whoknowswhatthefuck race i am kid who likes to freestyle at lunch with all the black kids and just in general Junk Science is the most down to earth relatable music in the history of man

  2. Kevin says:

    You should have inserted your name BEFORE Wyclef and Jermaine Dupri because their names wrote that event’s obituary.

    Someone must have rubbed you the wrong way. You don’t write a joint like this without someone in mind. Fuck that dude, yo!

    I’m loving this track for the second verse. A white guy imitating a snobby white guy in a Hip-hop song is hilarious.

  3. John D says:

    I def. miss the classic Junk Science beats

  4. D'A beats Murda Murdera says:

    Great track. Good work.

  5. mike says:

    Dope ass song, cant wait for more tracks from all the shark homies

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