Batsauce “SUMMERTIME” (FREE DOWNLOAD) – Just In Time For The Dog Days

23 August 2010


SUMMERTIME’ is a free producer project from the homie Batsauce constructed entirely from versions of Gershwin’s classic song ‘Summertime’. The project features special guests The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif & Akrobatik), Mass Influence, Qwazaar, Baje One, Dillon, Chop, Paten Locke, Lady Daisey, and Wynton Kelly Stevenson.

Batsauce is the producer behind some super-fresh music, including The Smile Rays and Lady Daisey, and will also be releasing a FREE EP soonishly with yours truly (Baje One).


11 Responses to “Batsauce “SUMMERTIME” (FREE DOWNLOAD) – Just In Time For The Dog Days”

  1. Not for nothing but, yall should put all of these free releases on a Bandcamp page. It makes it easier to spread around the web (bloggers prefer it), it allows you to track where your music’s being re-posted, play counts, download counts and you can generate an email list from the people who download it.

  2. Dj Tim says:

    VERY DOPE Ablum thanks for sharing and for all the hard work!!

    However, i agree with the comment posted above regarding “shareability” well as the listener can brag pubicly and increases listens ;)

    Thanks again ;) Peace and keep ‘em comin’ y’all!!

  3. Alesh One says:

    save the summer!!!

  4. justina says:

    gershwin’s legit. hayyyy.

  5. LMNZ says:

    peace to my manz batsauce. downloadin the album right now, can’t wait to listen =)

  6. LMNZ says:

    aight bat. album sounds nice! listenin to it while doin that presswork and it helps. thank u =) keep shinin and enjoy the tour bro. peace, LMNZ

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  8. EDAYE says:

    Always dope music from the premiere beatsmith- BATSAUCE! Posting on my site today..

  9. [...] to name a few. This track is called “Firecracker” and it’s off his free release Summertime, a release which Batsauce constructed entirely from the versions of Gershwin’s classic song [...]

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