Bi-Polar Bear Remixes Classic M.O.P.

29 February 2016

BPB comes through with some delicious ear candy for fans of the Mash Out Posse. Fun personal side note about the original version of this track: I first heard this song on an episode of Stretch and Bob, and I eagerly copped the vinyl when it finally came out. It was on a Relativity Records sampler called Urban Assault, and M.O.P.’s ‘World Famous’ was the lead track. The back of the record featured photos of a bunch of city scenes, and while scanning it, I saw my brother’s tag in one of the photos. That was a classic hip hop moment for me.

Years later I went to see my wife’s godmother perform at Joe’s Pub. (She’s an incredible jazz singer). My homie was bartending there at the time, and he leaned over the bar and whispered: “When the show’s over, just stay at the bar and act like you belong. There’s a secret M.O.P. show happening after, and they’re performing with a live rock band. It’s gonna be nuts.” And indeed it was a fucking amazing show, a secret, industry-only type of show, but totally bananas nonetheless.

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