Cavalier “Lemonade” (prod. Iman Omari)

4 November 2015

Cav Lemonade

Cavalier is back (not a moment too soon) with more smokey poetics for the needy. Produced by Iman Omari, featuring contributions from P.U.D.G.E., Norvis Jr., and Quelle Chris, “Lemonade” was conceived and recorded primarily during Cav and Iman’s stint in New Orleans. The EP came out in September on the Vibe Music Collective imprint. I need a late pass on this one, please forgive me. If you already heard this, bump it again. If you never heard it, bump it twice. And either way, as Cav likes to say, if you feel it please contribute to the cause. If we want to see true artists continue to pursue their visions (AND I KNOW YOU DO, OTHERWISE YOU WOULDN’T BE LOOKING AT THIS WEBSITE!), we need to show love, right? And sometimes showing love means throwing down 8 bucks. Enjoy!

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