Cavalier “New Aeon” (Maxi-Single)

17 August 2012

So some have already begun to ask, “Cav what’s this New Aeon thing all about?”

“Aeon”, also spelled eon or æon, is derived from an older Greek word used commonly to refer to an “Age” or long period of time, often 1,000 years (and in many instances much much longer). The term “New Aeon” is used to refer to the age of enlightenment for humanity, akin to the “Age of Aquarius” and in some sects (Thelema/Occult), “The Age of Horus”. Often spoken of as our eminent future, many believe that this age has indeed already begun or that we are currently at its inception.

This concept is nearly inescapable in some aspect as pop culture’s fascination with Armageddon, 2012, and the end of days runs rampant in our cinema, news, religious doctrines (or more likely their interpretations), and the western world’s embrace of New Age (based on ancient and worldly traditions) world views.

There is some comfort in speaking ominously, or optimistically, of a future seemingly very distant and with chapters longer than the human lifespan can fathom. However, if the tentative clock for all of these grand changes in our world, our consciousness and even our reality are set for 2012, then the future indeed is now.

In my recent tours to Asia I was able to visit both Japan and India. It is no secret to visitors and hopeful travelers yet to experience, that Tokyo is a grand megalopolis with a near Jetson like futuristic finish. A land where doors open themselves at your arrival, a toilet seat may raise at your entrance, and you can find comfortable rest in a capsule. The world’s busiest intersection, Shibuya crossing, often used as a visual metaphor for the bustling technocratic world we have created. My stint in India was spent entirely in Kolkata (Calcutta), and to say it was the opposite would be a gross understatement.

Kolkata shared the populated streets, the bustling intersections, and the ubiquitousness of your fellow man, woman, and child at every turn. However, this world was what we call the 3rd world, and my consciousness is forced to accept that the “future” I observed in Tokyo ran simultaneously with the future I observed in India. In India the gods are everywhere. There is no pervading dogma but a conscious and accepted realization that grand and timeless forces exist with us even in a future that is cold, and mechanized. The glimpses of the future here seemed an aeon away…

Our art is a reflection of these interpretations of time and era. Everything these days is electronic and digital. We are moving away from song and human composition toward wavelength and programmable arrangement. Within these changes is a delicate struggle to keep elements as we reinvent them. New Aeon is a statement on this “current” future within the Hip-Hop aesthetic. We are electronic, we are global, but we are still rooted in the tenements that spawned our culture.

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