Cavalier & Scott Thorough “THE OFFERING/供え”

10 October 2011



On Friday, March 11th (JST) of 2011, Japan experienced the impact of a devastating earthquake, one of the largest ever recorded. This era of real-time news and instant civic journalism invited us to watch and respond to tragedy, courage, heartache and hope. Sympathy sprouted from all corners of the globe, mainly through relief efforts, support, and a brewing collective silence. One natural disaster and its eerie familiarity was neither the beginning, nor the end.

The Offering/供え (pronounced sonae) is a “visual soundtrack”; a collaborative art project spearheaded by Hip-Hop recording artist Cavalier and Producer Scott Thorough totaling contributions from 1 Emcee, 1 Poet, 1 Producer and 8 visual artists.

Cavalier recently toured Tokyo and felt personally affected as newly formed friendships and partnerships gave him closer connection to the aftermath “Scott had sent me music shortly after I received some tough correspondence via email from Japan on the state of things. He said he realized “that all the stuff I(he) was sampling or being influenced from was about restoring a sense of faith. So I(he) basically made a G-D beat tape this week.”

“I felt moved to create and to create with others, something that was a sincere gesture to show our brothers and sisters in Japan that they are in our hearts and minds. Sometimes we feel that because we do not have large sums of money that we are not able to make an impact. I have my creative gifts, and I can share that.”

Cavalier issued a call to various artistic communities to imbue this work with several unique voices, until The Offering/供え slowly transformed into a multi-media art project. The intro poem by Aja Monet along with paintings by Nelson Cabán, Geobany “Elbowz” Rodriguez, James Sheilds, Aaron “SpazeCrafte” Lozanski, Jocelyn Goode, Andy “Solo” Estevez, Marthalica and even a painting contributed by its producer Scott, were documented by OrderVision Produxtion’s Alex Seel and Mu Gadu, fused with surreal performance footage of the actual songs; a 12 minute, fine art, musical score.

With its raw “Beat Tape” sound and its daring lyricism, The Offering/供え also nods with Punk sensibilities à la The Ramones with each song spinning around 2 minutes.

Get to know more about Cavalier at his artist page, where you can find links to his facebook, his twitter, and his youtube channel.

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  1. The High End Art Shit! Yes!

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  3. brooknam veteran says:

    official ass video.
    dude speaking that truth too.
    definite download.

    give thanks

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