Cool Calm Pete “OST Over You”

25 May 2010


OVER YOU is the soundtrack to a make-believe film, arranged and blended by COOL CALM PETE. You can enjoy it with your significant other, or while you ride the train alone.

cover art by Cool Calm Pete

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  1. [...] OVER YOU is the soundtrack to a make-believe film, arranged and blended by COOL CALM PETE. You can enjoy it with your significant other, or while you ride the train alone. C.C.P. also designed the cover art, he’s talented. Source / Link [...]

  2. Chris says:

    Yay! More stuff from Cool Calm Pete!

  3. M.C. K~Swift says:

    I want to be in this make-believe film.

  4. Dayz says:

    Haven’t listened yet but im chopping up the blend into individual tracks first with Sound Forge… I think Lost was, and is one of my favorite Hip Hop albums in hella years… Cool Calm Pete is an amazing artist and I truly appreciate his steez! If you’re reading this Pete thank you for awesome rap music and I can’t wait until I finish this L and bump this album,,, You made my night man! Where’s the next official LP??? It’s been too long man!!!

  5. Dayz says:

    Pete!?! I love the mix but I so wanted to hear new tracks from you and not a mixtape! I love the mix of oldies, being my favorite style of music over even hiphop to be honest, but still, it was it 05 that Lost came out? Too long man… I know you got another album in the works!!! Please drop another hip hop album…

  6. [...] As the sun sets and things start winding down, I can’t think of a better accompaniment to packing up the beer cans and paper plates then this new imaginary soundtrack recently put together by DJ / rapper / producer / designer – Cool Calm Pete. Among other notable accomplishments, this dude just designed the superfly new labels for my man DJO’s unfukwitable gourmet kimchi products. On “Over You”, he pulls out a plethora of dusty breaks, serious soulful crooning, and enough cool trippy shit to satisfy any listener coming down off shrooms. Check this site for more info. [...]

  7. Principe says:

    Wow, I just listened to this. I’d definitely high five you Pete. But come on man, put something new out for the fans. Like, a mixtape or something. I’ve been listening to Lost for a long time, I need something new.

  8. hadaly says:

    I listened to this while walking all over BK this morning, finishing up just as I got on the Brooklyn Bridge. Just beautiful!

  9. Butterfinger chocolate coated lolly pop’s gum drop’s

  10. Tiffany says:

    goes good with everything.
    soundtrack of my life, man.

  11. Georgia says:

    hey, this is amazing i love it!!
    but whats the track list?!?! i really want to know what each song is called and who its by!! please email it to me or post it up on here!! thanks :D

  12. I want to be in this make-believe film.

  13. Charles says:

    I hope there’s a new Cool Calm Pete album out soon! I agree with the others who say it’s been entirely too long since his last release. If it’s as good as what he’s done before it will be worth the wait but please don’t stop making music Pete!

  14. [...] days in LA. Enjoy it with a sip of something warm… In this case, we are "Over You," rainy days. Categories: Film | Music Tuesday, December 21, 2010  0 comment E-mail | [...]

  15. james says:

    no offense but i don’t understand this album.. it sounds like a bunch of sampled music put together

    like if i wanted to hear a bunch of other peoples’ music then i’d listen to a bunch of other peoples’ music

  16. Caroline says:


  17. MidNiteBlues says:

    Pete you gotta drop another album man, please!! Lost is hands down one of my fave albums EVER…theres rarely a day I don’t bump a track from it. Dammit Hiphop lost it’s soul…a CCP album is needed now to restore some of the balance!

  18. patrick says:

    you gotta be kind of high to understand this album. Basically, think of what a musical is. These songs describe different emotions within a relationship and time.

    this is awesome stuff to listen to when you are baked

  19. Omega1847 says:

    Listened to this for like a year. Beautiful tracks! Big ups to Pete!

  20. dj trizzak says:

    Generic comment about how CCP needs to drop another album…like now damnit.

  21. Dan says:

    CCP you keep doing what you’re doing ––– life time fan here! much respect!

  22. Bigg Russ says:

    Thank you for keeping the link alive!!!!

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