Modern Shark Sampler Tape Number Three

29 November 2011


cover art by Jeru Gabriel


6 Responses to “Modern Shark Sampler Tape Number Three”

  1. [...] If you like good music make sure and check out the new Modern Shark Sampler Tape Number Three that was just released today. Featuring J. Howells Werthman, Tone Tank, Scott Thorough, and Cavalier. It is a free download for all you cheap bastards out there, so check out there shop while you are on there for the download. [...]

  2. Queso says:

    Serengeti, Tone Tank, and Cool Calm Pete would be one funky bad ass three-headed monster.

  3. your father says:

    how the hell is CCP not on every damn magazine cover in the world?

  4. [...] album from the fine folks of Modern Shark; featuring Serengeti, Tone Tank, Scott Thorough, Cool Calm Pete, Big Urban, Cavalier, Junk Science, [...]

  5. Dan says:

    CCP won’t be on a cover until he drops more than a verse a year. Makes me sad.

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