30 March 2016

Nuk Fam SXSW Sampler Front Cover 475

Download this album that never really came out. Waaaay back in 2007, all of Nuclear Family (the hip hop group/collective that spawned this whole Modern Shark thing) went down to SXSW. Depending on which one of us you ask, the trip was either a triumphant success, a complete failure, the best time of all time, or the most miserable week ever. Anywho, we made like 500 copies of this here compilation unmixed mixed tape thing and gave them out in Austin and then we never released it again.

As a collective, Nuk Fam was like a creative house. We made our own beats, wrote our own lyrics, did our own engineering and mixing, made our own flyers, album covers, did our own press and promo. But because it was such a big crew, it was also hard to explain to folks who wanted an elevator pitch and didn’t have 3 minutes to listen to the ins and outs of who did what within the group/collective. On this tape, Tone Tank plays the role of the Midnight Marauders chick and explains how the whole Nuk Fam thing worked.

When Phife passed, I was reminded of how influential Tribe’s music had been for me and all my friends, to the point where we stole their whole narrator idea for this mixtape. Download here.

Nuk Fam SXSW Sampler Back Cover 475


  1. Joseph P. says:

    Peace and eternal Yes-You-Can-Kick-It, Phife.
    Thank you for releasing this. This is a true gem.

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