RIP to Robert “Pumpkinhead” Diaz

10 June 2015


From Scott Thorough: “Pumpkinhead, also known as PH and Robert Diaz passed away this morning. He was a ferocious emcee, a great battler and nice guy. People often say that rappers are jerks. Sometimes they are. Not PH. When I was coming up in the rap scene, PH always offered support, respect and guidance. He treated me as a peer, even though I hadn’t earned that yet, or ever. He always asked me for updates on my career when I saw him, and was the first legend to tell me my beats were dope. When we would do shows together, even though he could, he never asked to go last, and he rapped fucking dope. I also saw him put a sucker mc in his place for trying to battle him out of nowhere outside of the old Knitting Factory. A good man, a rap pioneer. Sleep well.”

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