Steel Tipped Dove & a whole bunch of crazy motherfuckers 1

26 June 2013

STD Crazy Mofos1 Blog

We at Modern Shark are proud to present the 1st half of Steel Tipped Dove’s appropriately-titled new mixtape. Click the “download” button on the player below, or click here to get it. From Steel Tipped Dove: “Started this project about a year ago, kept the process organic, sent beats to artists, played beats in my studio for artists, artists picked music, made music songs. Being such a large fan of these artists, this is quite an honor.”

4 Responses to “Steel Tipped Dove & a whole bunch of crazy motherfuckers 1”

  1. pluginbabynl says:

    fucking brilliant!

  2. frrrank says:

    omg best Kool AD rapping in forever i love it. DLing

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