Tone Tank “One-Offs & One-Upmanships”

15 December 2015

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Prepare yourself for one of the most intense and unexpected audio experiences of your life: TONE TANK’s New Hip Hop Classic, ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS. Cop.

ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is not a Rap Album. It goes far beyond any Rap Album. Buy.

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ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is not a philosophical statement. It contains all philosophies. Purchase.

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It is a wake up call for the world. ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is carnal…. It is comforting… It is sensual. ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is miraculous…. And terrifying. It’s funny. … And it is ferocious. ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is more than an album. It is an experience for all of your life. SPEND.

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The album features guest raps from Serengeti, Kool A.D., Mercury the Maroon, StarPower, and Snafu. It features production by Scott Thorough, J. Howells Werthman, Snafu, Doc Strange, Steel Tipped Dove, Harry Fraud, Yuri Beats, Rod Dixon, Edan (who mixed the new Bazooka Rap medley), Dan Hayden, and TONE’s cousin the Spaceking! There’s only 100 of these available, so get yours NOW!

2 Responses to “Tone Tank “One-Offs & One-Upmanships””

  1. CAB88 says:

    Replace your cookie cutter hip hop with an album with substance – this is that album.

  2. Markie Tee says:

    WHAT. EDAN on Bazooka Rap? the dope stops here folks.
    peace scott.

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