Tone Tank & Scott Thorough “Holiday Banger feat. Kool A.D.”

14 December 2012

Oh, you didn’t know Christmas went hip hop? Free DL here or on the player below.

5 Responses to “Tone Tank & Scott Thorough “Holiday Banger feat. Kool A.D.””

  1. chris says:

    i could have swore i seen scott thorough at the oak raider vs kansas city game . “i even yelled scott thorough when he was being checked out by oak colusium and he turned. i understand it could have been somebody different, i go to the bay area often and would like a pic and autograph. i dont have a facebook or social media but love the shit out of modernshark

  2. chris says:

    hey i sent you a email about ” i might have seen scott thorough “. either way i crazy love me some tone tank and of course scott thorough. so hook a hand drawn pic and signature. im gonna keep this forever. 8 bit all day

  3. DCA says:

    I was dying to hear Baje One on a Das Racist track. Looks like that ship has sailed…R.I.P.

  4. Scott Thorough says:

    This is Scott Thorough, thanks for the love. I have never been to an Oaklamd Raiders game, but I have hella love for the bay, and Kansas City (both cities). I live in Brooklyn. Happy holidays.

  5. [...] Produced by Scott Thorough motherfuckers! I like how they put this track out LAST holiday season then put the video out THIS season. Oh, and get the song for free here. [...]

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