22 February 2016

Track produced by J. Howells Werthman. Video by Kristan Sprague.

Ok. So you may be wondering: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE. Fair enough. COP/BOOST may just be the most esoteric song on TONE’s new album. On the song, TONE and Serengeti trade verses, basically rapping the entire plots of two completely separate but equally obscure James Woods movies: COP (1988), and BOOST (also released in 1988, which is fucking weird in itself). These guys spent a week together recording an entire album (much of which you can hear on TONE’s record, and much of which is still unreleased) and obsessing over these two movies. TONE had seen COP but not BOOST and Geti had seen BOOST but not COP. Good thing TONE had both movies on Laserdisc (from the huge collection of Laserdiscs TONE got from the homie Doc Strange.)

I first heard about this thing when J. Howells played me the track in the studio and explained the concept. I immediately was like “This is genius. And nobody is going to understand what’s happening here.” Years later and now we have this amazing video, thanks to Kristan who is THE HOMIE. And since most of us have never seen either of these movies, now we can all watch both, mashed up and thoroughly explained to us over the course of 4 great minutes. Enjoy!

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