Tone Tank “Shake Your Rump-ah”

4 June 2012



I was listening to ‘Shake Your Rump’ and was like hey, “I could beat a body down with an aluminum bat.” Then I was like “actually i prefer to beat em down with a wooden one.” Then i was like I should rap over this, I mean, I already got my first couple of lines. So i found the beat and wrote this.

I wrote this a while back and just never got around to recording it. The time just seemed right to put it down and put it out. This world is a better place because of the Beastie Boys. The world without the Beastie Boys would be like the state of New York without New York City. They showed us all how to keep it funky for the past three decades.

Much love to the Beastie Boys and much love to MCA.

Art by Tone Tank.

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  1. ej23 says:

    RIP OFF!!!! This is totally like that one Beastie Boys song.

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