Scott Thorough


Scott Thorough isn’t real good at talking about himself. He’s been playing instruments since he was a kid, and making beats since he was an adult. DJ Premier and DJ Shadow and Large Professor made him wanna make beats. Scott prefers to make music with his friends because it seems like grown up play-dates (pause?) He’s obsessed with weird electronic dance music. Andre 3000 is his favorite rapper, and why not? The Flaming Lips have a been big influence on him as well. He cooks with soda and makes beats on a pc computer with a largely cracked screen.

Mr. Thorough has made many records, and besides being a member of the Nuclear Family, he has made several collaborative projects with The Boys And Girls Club, Big Urban, and Tone Tank & Scott Thorough. He is working on lots of new things that will all be dope.

Other than all the stuff on the discography, Scott has also done production on Iller Than Theirs’ self-titled debut and their follow up ‘Wash Rinse EP’, and has done remixes for Junk Science and Cool Calm Pete. He also has had beats on Tone Tank’s ‘The Black Six Sessions’, Lu…Rreals ‘Track Team’, Baje One’s ‘The Weightless EP’, Core Rhythm’s ‘Nat Turner Reloaded’, Bisco Smith’s ‘The Strange Love Project’, and The Project’s ‘The Truth Today.’

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