Tone Tank


“A wild combination of familiar things and strange styles all his own.”

“Bold and belligerent, wet and wild, apathetic and agitated.”

“Tone revels without a pause in nasally dispensed jewels.”

Tone Tank raps. He was born in Brooklyn, raised in Long Island, and lives in Brooklyn. He was once on ‘Inside Edition’ for hitting a man in the face with a mini-bat (actual fact). Tone & longtime friend Kray had/have a rap group called ‘Iller Than Theirs’. Tone makes art. He is a fan of the ’86 Mets and also the man behind Scumlife, the Modern Shark logo, the Modern Shark website and has drawn stuff for the EVR radio show ‘Chances with Wolves’. Tone manufactures limited-run bootleg action figures in his basement and is happiest wearing a Fila velour jacket with the Italian flag on it.

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