Tone Tank & Scott Thorough

(photo by Katy Porter)

These guys claim to have coined the term “Space Bass”.

Scott and Tone chilled in the same neighborhood. Tone was a few years older and chilled with Nuclear Family. Scott was a few years younger and chilled with the younger crowd. Tone had been rapping for a while and had gotten a (very) local rep for freestyling and knucklehead stuff. Scotty was making beats in his mom’s house and started giving beat CDs to Nuk Fam members. Tone would always say what’s up to Scotty and his crew whenever he saw them around. He liked them. Somehow Scott and Tone started hanging out and eventually they made a song that they agreed sounded like the future of rap. This was a while back. Within days of making that song, Scott was put down with Nuclear Family.

After years of living together and making songs together, these two decided to finally record a focused project: Scott & Tone. On the record’s 8 tracks, Tone rhymes about girls that rock Aquanet, wrestling fat girls, pretzeling skinny girls, playing cee-lo with teenage runaways,  feeling like a recluse like the spider the Brown Recluse, feeling lost like a sweatpants string floating around in a sweatpants waistband, being 1200 feet ‘bove all other rappers, and watching the Playboy channel when you don’t get that channel. As Tone puts it, “I got an autobiographic graphic novel in the flow, yo.”

Scott’s beats sound like how it would feel like to get blasted in the face with an air cannon while standing in space under neon lights while still respecting the architects. Their record, Scott and Tone comes out on September 10th on Modern Shark, and features guest appearances from Kool A.D. of Das Racist, Serengeti and Mercury The Maroon of The Dugout.

The majority of the vocals were recorded (by J. Howells Werthman) in upstate New York, with Tone rapping in his boxer shorts and/or bathrobe with a Masters of the Universe Beastman action figure in the vocal booth for spiritual guidance and moral support.

The album will be available digitally, and also on CDs that will be individually hand-painted by Tone Tank. There will also be a Scott & Tone two-piece, collectible toy pack (bootleg Battlebeasts), also handmade by Tone Tank in his basement.

Here are some potentially interesting facts about Tone Tank:

  • Former/ current member of Iller Than Theirs and card-carrying member of Nuclear Family
  • Founder of Scumlife and bootleg toy-maker
  • Has made two solo EP’s (The King of Surf Guitar Rap and The Black Six Sessions)
  • Self-appointed Brooklyn Borough President
  • Former Inside Edition guest for hitting a man in the face with a miniature baseball bat
  • Born in Brooklyn, raised in Long Island but now lives in Brooklyn
  • Owns a velour FILA coat with the Italian flag on it with no irony

Here are some potentially interesting facts about Scott Thorough:

  • Card-carrying member of Nuclear Family, The Boys And Girls Club and Big Urban
  • Born and raised in Brooklyn and holds a grudge better than you would ever imagine
  • Has done production and remix work for Cool Calm Pete, Junk Science, Iller Than Theirs, Cassettes Won’t Listen, and MC K-Swift, among others
  • Is known to barbecue with various soda-based marinades (Grape soda minute-steaks)
  • Firmly believes that his paternal grandfather invented Junior’s cheesecake.


“CRACK SELECTOR” feat. Kool A.D.  of Das Racist

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