Nuclear Family “VACATION” (Vinyl)

This 12″ was released in 2002 on Songs We Write Records, mainly because we just couldn’t help ourselves. It was “sold” at Fat Beats on 6th Avenue back when Ill Bill, Breeze Brewin, and DJ Eclipse worked there. Proof of how old this record is can be found everywhere in the music, but mostly on the back of the vinyl jacket where the Nuclear Family voicemail number is listed, in case you know, you wanted to get in touch.

Vacation & Secret Family Recipe both produced by Snafu. Art by Tone Tank and Snafu. Vacation features, in order of appearance: MCEO, N.E.M.C. (J. Howells Werthman), Baje One, Kray, Various, and Werdplay. Secret Family Recipe features, in order of appearance: Baje One, N.E.M.C. ( J. Howells Wethman), and Various.