M.A.E. “Sacrifice”

13 March 2015

MAE Sacrifice

More new new from M.A.E.’s ‘Honor Roll’ LP which will be out next week right here on Modern Shark. Download here or on the player below, and then turn the volume up and enjoy. Photo by Sara Stranovsky.

Pre-Order The New Junk Science Album!

2 March 2015

Front Main In Bag 475

We’ve been wanting to show this to you for a while… Modern Shark presents: Junk Science and the Hundred Dollar Sandwich! Available as a special double-disc SANDWICH with art by Cool Calm Pete! What do we mean by sandwich? The ‘bread’ is the 2 (clear-substrate) CDs. Disc 1 has toothpicks on it!:

Sandwich on plate close up 475

The ‘ingredients’ are 10 die-cut pieces of paper between the ‘bread’ with the lyrics to the album and the liner notes printed on them. Looky.

Ingredients on plate spread out 475

Looky closer:

Ingredients closeup2 475

The whole thing comes packed in a classy, custom-printed freezer-safe ‘ziplock’ bag in case you are a weirdo who keeps CDs in the freezer. Keep your raps fresh:

Back Main In Bag 475

Pre-order on Bandcamp now and get an immediate download of our new track “The Science of Stupid”!! The album officially drops on March 15th, but if you pre-order you’ll get the digital version before all your friends get it. Of course, you could just get the mp3s, but if you can swing the 20 bucks, why not get the whole sandwich? Pre-order here, or click “buy” on the player below. FUCK YEAH!!!

M.A.E. “College to a Corner”

1 March 2015

College to a Corner

M.A.E. is Lars “Express the Motif” Viola and Jamie “Indigo Ali” Mahoney. They make dope hip hop music. Their album, ‘Honor Roll’ will be out on March 17th right here on Modern Shark. Until then, get a lil taste with a free download of “College to a Corner”. Also, check them out on the facebook and the soundcloud and the bandcamp.

Baje One “Stay Gold” (prod. Kanye West)

26 February 2015

Baje One Stay Gold Free Main

Download on the player below, or download right here.

The backstory: Ponyboy Curtis aka Curtis Johnson II was a high school basketball star from central Illinois. Johnson received a full scholarship to play the shooting guard position at Wichita State University in Kansas in the early 2000′s. But he never suited up for a single game with the Wheatshockers as he was convicted as an accessory to armed robbery just 2 weeks prior to the start of what would have been his freshman season. Johnson spent 36 months in an Illinois state penitentiary for the crime, after which he was released to rejoin his then girlfriend, now wife, Sara Johnson and their daughter Alicia. He never played competitive basketball again.

Johnson, the biracial son of a white mother (Alice Demarara) and a black father (Curtis Johnson), was nicknamed Ponyboy because of his ‘golden’ skintone. Johnson was given the nickname in grammar school after he and a group of friends watched Francis Ford Coppola’s 1983 film ‘The Outsiders’ at a sleepover party. In the film, Ponyboy’s friend Johnny urges him to “Stay gold,” hence the title of this song.

The song is meant to humanize the experience of Curtis “Ponyboy” Johnson II, who was vilified by the media for his role in the liquor store robbery and his supposed betrayal of what Wheatshockers head coach Mark Turgeon referred to at the time as “the inviolable and hallowed values of Wichita State University and the NCAA.”

Produced by Kanye West, who has no idea that any of this is happening.

An Album Release Explosion!!!

23 January 2015

Paper Box Show 475

Everyone has new rap music for you. ALL OF US. Our friend Drew has new comedy jokes for you too. Tickies are decently affordable and avails over yonder.

Against All the Apathy in One’s Own Bosom

12 January 2015

Shout out to Chances with Wolves for making this edit for their excellent Martin Luther King, Jr. episode a few years back. There’s a tradition building to turn MLK day into a national day of service. Personally I think that’s a beautiful idea.

“The mission to which they call us is a most difficult one, against all the apathy of conformist thought within one’s own bosom… I speak out against this government because I love America. There can be no great disappointment where there is not great love… And the press generally won’t tell us these things, but God told me to tell you this morning. The truth must be told.”

Baje One “The Weightless EP” (Director’s Cut)

22 December 2014


This was available on CD only as a freebie to people who bought stuff from the Shark site over the past year or two. I decided to share the Director’s Cut with anyone who wants it, because I have my own record label and I can do whatever I want. The original version of Weightless (the first 6 tracks) was released in early 2008 on Definitive Jux / Embedded. Click here to download or click ‘download’ on the player below. Duh! Enjoy!

Fuck Black Friday (Warning: GRAPHIC)

26 November 2014

#blackoutforhumanrights fuck target, fuck amazon, fuck fucking wallmart fuck em all, every last one of em. Video cut by Shark homies Shaka King and Kristin Sprague along with Rauzar Alexander. Let’s all do something useful on Black Friday.

An Oldie But Very Goodie

1 November 2014

BGC Simple Night Free Main

In 2007, Shark extraordinaire Scott Thorough was the producer of an sythntellipop duo called The Boys and Girls Club. They made an EP called “A Simple Night of Dancing with…”. Everyone liked the EP. Said EP is now available once again for your consideration, along with some bonus tracks. Listen lots. Pay what you wish. This is a personal fave of mine: Equal parts reflection, dance dance & baby-making music.

Cavalier Live in New Orleans, Oct. 30th

30 October 2014

black magic